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K2 Group

We love the challenge of tough
projects. No project is too big or too
difficult. Our confident, nimble and
determined approach means we
get things done. We are known for
persisting when others have given up.

K2 Group

Economic development and investment attraction

We have a strong track record in economic development and investment attraction. Development is only successful if investment can be attracted.
K2 Group has a long standing record of success in this field including
the attraction of significant investments by companies such as:

  • Nestle and Pacific Brands manufacturing plants at Maryborough;
  • Visy Packaging manufacturing plant at Enterprise Park Wodonga;
  • Woolworths distribution centre at Logic Industry Hub Wodonga;
  • Border Express, Cope Sensitive Freight and Roadmaster warehouses
    and logistics facilities at Logic Industry Hub Wodonga - involving
    engagement and commercial negotiations with over 300 manufacturing
    and supply chain companies.