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K2 Group

We love the challenge of tough
projects. No project is too big or too
difficult. Our confident, nimble and
determined approach means we
get things done. We are known for
persisting when others have given up.

K2 Group


We develop effective and highly targeted advocacy strategies for our clients to gain necessary support and approvals, including planning and development approvals, transport and community infrastructure, and project funding.

We have demonstrated success in advocacy and proven ability at winning government and private sector support by developing valued and effective working relationships with Prime Ministers, Premiers, Government ministers, chiefs of staff, advisers, department heads and senior departmental staff.

We have worked closely with Victorian and Federal Governments advocating for support and funding for initiatives such as:


  • The Victorian Transport Plan
  • Victorian Freight Futures, Western Intermodal Freight Terminal and national freight rail bypass
  • Melbourne @ 5 Million and the review of Melbourne's Urban
    Growth Boundary
  • Regional Rail Link
  • Outer Metro Ring Transport Corridor
  • Outer metro arterial roads and PPP delivery options
  • Native volcanic plains
    grasslands reserve
  • Werribee Employment Precinct
    to generate up to 40,000 jobs
    over 30 years
  • Werribee urban renewal strategy and precinct structure plan
  • Growth corridor plans
  • Precinct structure plans and urban design of Wyndham's future growth fronts to accommodate an additional 250,000 people.


  • Relocation of the Melbourne
    to Sydney rail from Wodonga's
    CBD - $200m
  • Hume Freeway National Highway internal relief route - $520m
  • Regional aquatic and leisure
    facility - $12.8m stage 1
  • New police and court
    facilities - $12m
  • Transfer of 300 ha of environmentally sensitive land from Albury Wodonga Corporation to Wodonga council with 10 year maintenance funding of $4.5m
  • Elm Street public housing precinct redevelopment - $10m
  • Infrastructure for Enterprise Park to facilitate Visy packaging plant development - $3m
  • Infrastructure for the 600ha Logic Industry Hub to facilitate Woolworths distribution centre development - $2m
  • Cultural and Arts precinct redevelopment - $8m
    NB: The $ figures indicate level of Government funding secured - not total project value